Parent Support Groups

We understand the challenges in caring for children with special needs or behavioural difficulties.  Cornerstone offers one on one supports to primary caregivers, as well as parent support groups.  You are not alone, parents  who are also experiencing  the same things are given an opportunity to discuss their feelings, frustrations and how to get resources to ensure their children’s needs are met.  

We  often  partner with  Counselors, Occupational Speech and Language  Pathologist as well as Physiotherapists to join our parent groups to answer any of your questions.

Our Services

Parents Support Services

We strive to empower parents to feel fearless not frustrated with their parenting skills. We want to help parents  so they raise responsible independent,and confident children. Our parent workshops and online parenting classes help you to troubleshoot some of the challenges you are facing as well as provide you with direction and resources for finding practical solutions to your concerns.  Spaces for workshops are limited so register early.

 Some topics include:

  • How to discipline and manage challenging  behaviours at home
  • Strategies and techniques for my ADHD child at home
  • How to use visuals to increase structure and communication
  • How to advocate for your child in the school system
  • Becoming tech savvy parents: understanding social media and your children
  • Understanding aggression in my special needs child
  • Stop yelling! How to get your kids to listen
  • How to provide structure and promote independence
  • Enhancing your child’s self-esteem and confidence
  • Your child is unique: discover how to use your child's learning style  to encourage confidence and independence

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Parent  Workshops & Online Webinars .

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