​​This kit will help parents display everything from bedtime routines, daily or weekly schedules of activities and chores.

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 Looking for practical, proven and positive strategies to manage your child's challenging behaviours so

you can have more harmonious joyful,

proud parent moments?  

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​​Cornerstone Family Services is committed to providing programs, services and products that empower parents while developing responsible and confident children; with the single goal of strengthening the family.

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The Reward'um™ Kid's Routine kit is here

 The Reward'um™ Product line is here!

We have set new precedents with our new visual schedule routine chart for kids.  We have take your traditional visual schedule and made it 1000x.  Check it out for yourself.

Cornerstone Family Services provides programs for the entire family:




All programs and services are supported by evidence based practices.  Our programs are founded on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) principals and procedures.